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The Passion of a ‘Magic Man’

Prevention not cure is the unrealised ideal of modern healthcare. So popular healer Kishan Takahashi says it’s time to break the silence on alternative therapies.

Kishan is what’s known as a non-invasive psychic surgeon. Advanced Reiki or energy healers like Kishan, remove blockages of energy, a therapeutic action that can significantly reduce disease.

Testimonials for Kishan’s work are many. They cover a wide range of conditions, and cite impressive outcomes for both humans and animals.

As an animal lover, it was the animal healings that initially drew my attention to Kishan and made me wish to interview him.

Take Prince, a four year old Daschund with spinal compression and no movement in his back legs. Conventional medicine had been unable to help him and he was facing an extremely dim future. However, by good fortune, one of the vets his owners had approached referred the dog to Kishan, and over a 10-day course of healing sessions, Prince was able to walk again. The treatment is documented on Kishan’s animal healing website.

An example of a sensational human healing concerns a patient with Crohn’s Disease. The patient had fallen ill when she was 13 years old, and was diagnosed with the Disease four years later.