Kishan has been treating my Doberman Stan for around a year and a half after he was diagnosed with a spinal issue and heart failure. After his initial injury Stan was a changed dog, he went from being a happy active dog out several times daily to a shut down and depressed soul barely wanting to move. A month after his diagnosis I took him to see Kishan... he walked out of his appointment a totally different animal as though the light had come back on in his eyes and this was so noticeable that even people around me who had no belief in anything other than ‘science based medicine’ were at a loss to explain the change in him. 

After that I took him back periodically and continued to remain under the care of vets/specialists also. What I always liked about seeing Kishan was I never felt pushed to move away from this and I was able to follow both paths without feeling they pulled away from each other. The comfort Stan receives from seeing him is reason enough to go yet some of the treatment Kishan has given him has been staggering even to the point where he treated him whilst in heart failure only for the vets to be flabbergasted by the 360 turnaround in his health between visits. 

We can all be told that ‘we think ourselves better’ and other such things that I myself have had to listen to if god forbid I have tried something alternative. To see my beloved dog barely look up at me for a month and then walk out of Kishans as though a weight had been lifted and alert and happy once again is beyond anything even my wishful thinking could manage. There are many people who tell you that it can’t be and it’s all a scam... let those people continue on their way and always trust in your heart. I lost my last dog by following to the latter what science suggested I did to fix him yet nobody said to me that was rubbish. 

The world is so quick to jump down your throat when you try anything different and I’m starting to believe it’s because it scares people and they don’t want to see there’s another way. If you’re reading this review and you have felt under pressure to remain with doctors and vets blindly then I suggest you do what I did... just try it and see for yourself.


Minxy- Heart Failure


Minxy's Story

Rescue Dogs- Found The Magic Man!

l take in mentally and physically disabled rescue dogs and cats that are in such a desperate state because of their mistreatment at the hands of people. I found out about Kishan because I was searching for an alternative treatment for one of my dogs Minxy. She has had a very unlucky life with bad people and bad illnesses, numerous surgeries and unfortunately she had now developed a ventricular bleed which made her heart pressure drop and her heart was incapable of pumping correctly, which made her abdomen fill with water. The cardiologist I consulted offered her meds but said the prognosis was all but hopeless.

Then I found Kishan. I explained her plight to him and told him she'd been given maybe days, maybe weeks and he agreed to try and see what he could do. Before her treatment with Kishan I asked my vet to check her heart rate and pulse and scan her heart, I offered all this information up to Kishan who said he preferred to work on his own and would look at medical records later - bear in mind at this point he had little or no information on her - and after the treatment  he then gave a full report on her illnesses.

I was astonished at his accuracy! There is no way at all he could of known all her current and previous history, in addition to this Minxy's health has improved no end and I took her back to the vets just last week and asked him to examine her, he openly admitted that he had no explanation for the stabilisation of her heart rate. This is only one dog, he has gone on to treat more and his accuracy of their history has been incredible, and the treatments are working phenomenally.

I bless the day that I discovered this man and his unexplainable and truly extraordinary gifts, he is passionate about his work and has given me answers to problems that - up until now - were hopeless.

Thank you Kishan.



Judes Story

In October 2018 Jude became withdrawn and wanted to stay in her bed. She kept whining and crying from her bed but she wouldn't come out. After a few days this progressed and we noticed she was slipping when trying to walk on the hard wood floors and limping. We took her to our vets who prescribed her metacam with the view to bring her back in a week if the pain relief and rest didn't solve the issue. Jude became progressively worse, the vet recommended x-rays under sedation as she was concerned with her assessment in clinic. 

The x-rays showed shadowing and dark circles / bone mass as well as a mineralised disc in her spine and the vet wanted to send to a specialist for advice. During this time we were advised to use metacam daily and not walk. Jude was incredibly withdrawn and, we feel, depressed. Her personality had changed completely. She stopped chewing holes in the walls and ripping up toys - we initially thought this was a sign of her maturing but have since realised it's a result of her pain and misery from her hips. She no longer asked for walks and avoided walking on the hard floors as she continually slipped and fell over. She even fell down the stairs a few times. She has always been a dog who loved to be in the thick of it but slowly she was withdrawing from the family. After her x-ray under sedation she was a lot worse, her legs were twisting and buckling beneath her and she was incredibly lethargic. We were so concerned that Dre slept downstairs on the carpeted front room floor with her.  Anyone who touched her legs made her flinch and she didn't want the children near her, only Dre. We know this wasn't a reaction to anaesthetic as she'd be spayed in September 2018 and was absolutely fine. In fact she'd been checked by the vet before her op and deemed perfectly healthy only 2 months before her steep decline in October. 

The specialist advised she should be seen in clinic by an orthopedic specialist to assess her. 

We were given an appointment with the specialist in January. When going to clinic she was actually seen by a neurologist who said it wasn't neurological. After a orthopaedic surgeon assessed her the only solution was a full and double hip replacement or femral head replacement. However Jude was considered unsuitable because of her excitable nature she'd be unable to complete the bed rest requirement as well as being at risk for breaking both legs afterwards. We returned to our vets who confirmed hip dysplasia after consulting and discussing with the specialist. The specialist confirmed Jude's condition was hereditary. The specialist advised they were unable to help Jude. Jude was in terrible pain from the car journey to the specialist so the vet advised it would be best to avoid the travel considering it made her so much worse and they were unable to help.

The vet was becoming increasingly concerned that the metacam was having little to no effect. Jude still wasn't able to tolerate walks without being in huge amounts of pain. She was still withdrawn and miserable. Without metacam Jude wouldn't walk on the floors. With metacam she remained subdued. The vet explained that there was no more that could be done for her and that when she was unable to move without pain they could offer end of life pain relief, but we'd reached the end of the road for Jude's treatment options - she wasn't even 2! The vet suggested hydrotherapy or rehabilitation to try and work on muscle mass because that was deterioring fast as she couldn't walk for any length of time and it was causing more issues. 

A friend recommended kishans clinic, we were willing to try anything and able to see Kishan in clinic within a few weeks. He had great reviews so we were hopeful.

After her initial assessment she was much more comfortable and relaxed, wanting to join everyone in the frontroom. To attend the apt Dre had to lift Jude into the car but on going home she ran and jumped into the boot and she hadn't been able to do that in months. She  was then able to travel to Cheltenham without any additional discomfort which is further than the specialist appointment, which set her back badly before attending kishan. We even managed a "gentle" walk where Jude went swimming in the canal - some of her spirit was coming back. We were concerned it would set her back a lot but surprisingly she tolerated it well. She was tired, but not limping or in visible pain. She slept well and was very eager to go again, but we decided to slow down the exercise and give her chance to heal. She became more confident and able to walk on the floors / in the middle of the kitchen, which she'd been refusing to do - even for scraps. She'd stopped looking for extra food, she appeared too scared to come out of her bed, but slowly she was hanging around at meal times again. She started greeting Dre at the door when he came home again and trying to chase her ball. 

She struggled with the stairs in kishans clinic so we attended his home for further appointments which was a blessing as she'd started charging around again! 

Subsequent appointments have been very successful. Jude continually tries to escape to take herself for a walk in the field behind our house, something she no longer did. She tries to wrestle Dre again which she'd also stopped and had always loved a play fight. 

She runs and plays, and let's the kids play with her. She's no longer scared to have them around her back legs. She's stopped crouching and weight bares properly. She has destroyed several cushions and kids toys in retaliation for not being allowed to hang around and "help" the work men. Whereas in October she wouldn't even get out of her bed.

She's able to manage walks with out pain, even if her legs aren't walking property / steady suggesting that she's healed alot. 

When reviewed by the vet she agreed that Jude was improving her range of motion.  She was impressed we were able to reduce metacam successfully as in the past (pre Kishan) reducing metacam was impossible. 

Jude was deteriorating so quickly that we assumed she'd need to be put down within the year and the vet didn't disagree. They were very concerned at her rapid deterioration. The vet said that she may not continue to deteriorate at such a rapid speed and hoped she'd slow down but there was no hope for improvement, more managing her condition. Since her healing with Kishan she has improved hugely, not just physically but emotionally. We hadn't realised quite how unhappy she was and it's likely she'd been in pain much longer but suffered in silence (also confirmed by the vet who said often animals don't show their in pain in conventional ways and looking back Jude hadn't been right for months before we realised, dating back as far as may 2018 during her 1st season which lasted a month. We kept going back to the vets and saying something wasn't right but they put it down to being her 1st season)

It's been a relief to come home and find our house destroyed because we know that Jude has her spirit back. 

She no longer wimpers or whines in pain. She walks much better and has stopped bunny hopping through door ways. Even when she walking with signs of "discomfort" / poor mobility she isn't in visible pain and doesn't slide or fall over. It isn't impacting her. 

We are thrilled with Jude's recovery. We were so upset with her diagnosis and couldn't believe we had ran out of options. Since seeing kishan we are no longer worrying about her daily and considering the inevitable but wondering how we can stop her swimming in the stinking canal. 

If you've ever met Jude she's got a brilliant personality and she is a fantastic family dog. Everyone has commented on how much she's improved since seeing kishan. We've got our dog back.

Final point - 

All of the physical improvements aside, we know that Jude wouldn't be here as happy and healthy as she is without you. She's a part of our family and we are so incredibly grateful that you've been able to heal her. She has given us so much and we wanted to be able to help her in return, you have made that possible.



"Kiki's Story" Springer Spaniel- Dying after Chocolate egg poisoning.

The story starts in February 2015. Kiki is our Springer Spaniel aged 12 at the time. Suddenly  she became ill and we were told that she had an infected womb. She was operated on and at the same time she had some fatty lumps removed. She did make a recovery. 

Unfortunately on Monday, just as she was recovering she jumped onto our kitchen table and ate 2 large Easter eggs - both were dark chocolate eggs containing a lot of cocoa!.

I knew that chocolate was bad for dogs but I did not appreciate that it was toxic. On the Tuesday she collapsed and could not walk at all; her body was limp. I called the out of hours vet  in Cardiff, then took her in. The vet fed her charcoal and put her on a drip overnight.

Kiki was taken backwards  and forwards to Cowbridge and Cardiff where she stayed for 3 days. I went to see her and sat in the cage with her. She was not eating or drinking despite being tempted with fresh chicken and rice. By Friday the vet told me that there was nothing  else that they could do. My options  were to take her to Bristol to the dog hospital which would have cost over £1000 or to have her put down. We had already reached our insurance limit of £3000.

I was devastated and through my tears I looked deeply into her eyes and asked for help and inspiration. Suddenly it came to me..... Kishan Takahashi. 

I had met Kishan through a recommendation from a friend when I had twisted my knee badly while skiing. I had walked into his clinic with a knee brace on. Kishan did his healing, told me what was going on and exactly where the damage was with such precision and the knee brace was off within 15 min and I was walking normally- but that’s another story!

I phoned Kishan and explained what had happened with Kiki. He said have you OK’d it with the Vet and I said yes he then said “come now”.

I spoke to the Vet and they put it in the report that I was taking Kiki to see a healer in Newport.

Kishan asked me one important question which was; 

“why have you brought Kiki to me, what do you want from me?”

I replied with tears in my eyes; “I want to say that I gave Kiki every chance” 

Kishan then leapt out of his chair, its as if thats what he needed to hear or something. Kiki was so weak she could not walk her eyes were dull and lifeless rolled back in to her head and she looked as if she had lost the will to live.

Kishan just watched her a few moments, he gently passed his hand over her body and picked up on her womb surgery which I’d forgotten about. 

Kishan also picked up on areas of her brain where there was a problem which was being masked, he also saw something going on in her left lung and in her blood.

He talked about what he saw which was so incredibly accurate and things I had forgotten about that may have aided her deterioration as well as the theobromine (chocolate) ingestion, he also advised a syringe for fluids and broths to build her up during the treatments.

Kishan then started healing Kiki and I couldn't believe the difference in her eyes- they weren't rolled up into her head anymore and she seemed to have some life and a little more energy.

I went home, I had to give her water through a pipette every few hours. I liquidised chicken and rice and fed her through the pipette. Kishan cancelled his plan for the weekend and asked me to give him updates every 4 hours. I slept with Kiki all night on the settee and for the weekend feeding and giving her water every few hours as advised.

On the Monday Kiki’s energy was up, I went to Pets at home and saw 2 other vets. Kiki had started to go around and around in circles  and press her head against the wall in the corner of the room. This was not a good sign as it indicated a brain haemorrhage. The vets insisted that I put her down immediately. I thought that I was going to have to go into hiding. That day was my birthday and my husband and children had gone to the pub to celebrate my birthday with me but I never arrived as I went straight to see Kishan with the latest news.

Kishan was not surprised and said the masked symptoms had revealed themselves, as with a chronic case- acutes present themselves and we had to take these' layers' off quickly... so he did his thing which was incredible to witness, and asked me to look after her for another 5 days.

The pressure from my husband to put Kiki down was enormous -then my children started to nag me too.

After 4 days Kiki suddenly took some food from her bowl. It was a break through! From then she went from strength to strength taking longer and longer walks each day and more and more chicken and rice. She still couldn't drink water.  Kishan asked me to look back at where she was and where she is now but I was impatient and forgot the journey we had  come through. I guess when you have such pressure with no support and no one on your side you start to think like everyone else.

Kishan also explained that the people he has treated over the last 26 years after strokes and any brain injuries can get back their taste, feelings, emotions, sensations and limb strength but we just have to be patient.

Kiki started to walk straight after the healing Kishan gave on her head within days.

Kiki went back to see Kishan and this time she barked at his beautiful cat Abby who occupies the clinic room on times; that was incredible as I felt like I’d got my Kiki back.

I wanted to go back to see the vets and show them the difference and how they nearly put her to sleep, however Kishan explained that everyone tries to help whoever they are and we must not gloat as we are bigger than that, and you have your Friend back thats all that matters.

I did go back to my Vets and they were in shock, the looks on their faces were of astonishment and they just wanted Kishan's' details.

Kiki is eating, drinking, happy and healthy.

Words just can’t express my gratitude - I humbly say thank you for all you have done for me and my Kiki.

"Mister" the Golden Retriever with Thymoma and Mass in chest.

We first took our golden retriever, Mister (then aged 12), to Kishan in November 2016. 

Mister’s bark had become high-pitched, not his usual ‘gruff’ bark and he was not sleeping well at night, often pacing around and moaning. At times he would also have some walking difficulties.

The vet had found a mass in his chest, likely a thymoma or lymphoma, which would require surgery or chemotherapy. As Mister had a severe reaction to anaesthetic during a pre-med in September 2016, we didn’t want to have to put him through any invasive treatment.

Kishan has treated him a number of times. At the start of some treatments Mister can be pacing around until suddenly he settles down.

Over the time we have been going to see Kishan, Mister’s walking and breathing have improved and he has more of his old bark back. He still has some breathing difficulties but hasn’t deteriorated as the vet believed he would. We are grateful to Kishan for the help he has given Mister and for the improvement to his life – and ours.

Traveling Anxiety

We were recently moved from Europe to Texas with my husband's work. We have a young dog, who is very sensitive and does not like being left, so were very worried about her having to fly in the hold of the plane on her own for 11 hours in a crate. Kishan helped and it worked brilliantly. She travelled better than we could have hoped. Her crate was completely clean and she was not stressed when we collected her, just her normal self and delighted to see us. Thank you Kishan

''James Brown'' the cat was not in a good place

James Brown the cat was not in a good place - normally a voracious mouser and rabbiter he was staying inside - gaining weight and also got a very bad abscess on his ear which went near his head and was quite dangerous at the time.

he is normally so healthy.  He was miserable, depressed and miaowing pitifully and loudly.  He just got worse, not even wanting to go far to pee, using the nearest flowerpot or worse, inside the house.  

He was also getting short of breath, I was getting really concerned as He really needed help so I took him to see Kishan who asked me what had upset James.  I couldn’t think of anything so Kishan sat quietly with James who somehow communicated when his upset had occurred and it was exactly dating from the day after I had left the house in an ambulance having broken my leg 18mths ago.

Kishan gave james a big healing he was relaxed and seem to go where kishan needed him to !

The psychic surgery on his head area that he had and I witnessed was incredible, james looked hypnotised.

James had an amazing result from the healing and psychic surgery.

The very next morning I noticed the entrails of a mouse or something and I text Kishan straight away, it was clear that he had been hunting.  His fur is now shiny again and he is back to his normal placidly happy self.

Out all the time, thank you Kishan 

"Purdy" My cat helped through Animal Communication and healing.

I rehomed 2 cats from a colleague 2 months ago. One of the cats Purdy has been going to the toilet on the sofa a couple of times.

I asked her previous owner if there was any previous bladder issues, and there was not. We cleaned the litter more often and still there was no improvement.

So it appeared Purdy was showing she was not happy.

I called Kishan and asked if he could connect to Purdy to find out what I could do to help her settle.

He agreed straight away and started with a great reading getting her Princess attitude spot on. He also explained that she did not like us picking her up, as she likes to be in control. Which we tend to do quite a bit, along with her anxiety of the change this has formed the new habit and can't be bothered attitude. Kishan also gave me knowledge of some remedies on request that I chose to try that worked wonders to.

It was wonderful to find out how she was feeling and what we could do to help her settle in our home more and stop her naughty habit before we have to get another new sofa!

Purdy has also improved since Kishan connected with her. There has been far more less accidents and she seems more peacefully and loving in her eyes rather than angry.

I highly recommend Kishan for healing for animals and us humans (I recieve an amazining psychic Surgery healing from Kishan 2 and half years ago after an accident) He is very intuitive, extremely helpful and kind. Also The flow of healing he channels is very poweful!

Bandit My dieing dog given more time and an amazing quality of life Via distant Healing.

Kishan messaged me after he read my status about my 14 yr old staffy being diagnosed with kidney failure. Bandits health had been getting worse which is to be expected at such a good age. He had a few seizures which made me take him to the vets for tests. He had also been coughing and having accidents in the house. Kishan kindly offered to send Bandit healing. Kishan mentioned that Bandits heart was worrying to him. The vet had confirmed weeks prior that Bandit heart was struggling and that was causing his cough. Kishan messaged me one night asking if i was near Bandit and that he was going to send him healing and asked me to watch him and tell Kishan what Bandit did. Bandit was sleeping. His muscles twitched and then i noticed his breathing slowed down. At the end of the 5 minutes he had a really big stretch. It was amazing to see.Since then Bandit is like a different dog. His energy and appetite is back. We have hardly any accident in the house. I had noticed his back kidney area had ribs that were raised. This changed over night after that healing, the area just droppers and is more relaxed. No more seizures, appetite great, energy up, happier and looks amazing.His cough is virtually gone too and also noticed his breathing improved. Bandit is back to the old dog we had.Kishan refused any payment even though I offered time and time again. We cant thank Kishan enough for all he has done and made my precious old man happier and healthier and given more time.

More Testimonials


I Have My Youthful Boy Back! (After finding Kishan In The Daily Mail article)

I Have My Youthful Boy Back! (From Seeing Kishan In The Daily Mail)

My Grandmother saw Kishan’s article in The Daily Mail. So I emailed him that same day to see if he could help my little dog Barrera. He is 13 and was struggling to walk and was just lethargic most of the time. After our first session with Kishan he was like the little pup I remembered, being mischievous again and wanting to play and eat all the time. Barrerra even started to bark like he use to, I was so happy with the result.On the second visit Barrera managed to jump off of a really highly step (for a very small dog) and raced off down the pavement. Kishan also worked on his neck and that was always down, during The Psychic Surgery healing we witnessed Barrerra head started to straighten slightly. He holds his head a lot higher now and doesn’t seem to strain doing so. Seeing the results of his treatments I have highly recommended him to my family and friends. All in all I couldn’t be happier! And neither could Barrera. 

Scruffy - Poorly Boy Feeling Great (After finding Kishan From Daily Mail article)

I read about Kishan in The Daily Mail on Sunday and ‘sussed Kishan out’ on Facebook and the Clinics website. I thought it was worth a visit, and see what effect it had on my boy Scruffy, before deciding about follow up appointments. I am so glad now I made that appointment.My 12 year old terrier cross little dog Scruffy, was diagnosed by the vet with liver cysts, a liver tumour believed to be malignant and I was told he only had days to live. Take him home and give him love and TLC.I visited Kishan not for any cure, but to help him feel as good as he could. Scruffy has seen Kishan 3 times and now 2 months later, Scruffy is looking well, smiling more (yes dogs do smile). Scruffy. Is an older dog, and sleeps during the day, but late afternoon he brightens up, enjoying his food, enjoying his walks, and has bursts of energy. This is miraculous and lovely to see considering he was not meant to be here.During the last few years, Scruffy also had several small ‘full body jerks’ like fits, which happened several times during the day, and now, he very rarely has them, when they happen they are only very small ones and unnoticeable.Kishan is a lovely gentleman, kind and compassionate. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Marley and I (After finding Kishan In The Daily Mail article)

Luckily a friend showed us the Mail article on therapists who have helped animals as well as humans through different forms of healing. We were drawn to Kishan instantly so contacted him about our beloved dog Marley who was terminal. He made an appointment instantly with us. I am so grateful that we made the effort. He saw Marley a few times in person and did some distant healing as well - Marley responded very well. At first I wasn't too sure how distant healing on a dog would work but it was unnecessary - Marley looked up at me during the healing and there appeared to be a small light that appeared around him. Sadly, Marley passed away on 6th July - he had advanced prostate cancer and skin cancer. Just before Marley passed away, Kishan gave a distant healing to help him transcend. I believe strongly that Marley would not have been such a happy dog during the last 2 months of his life if we had not found Kishan. My friend Anne who accompanied me on some of the treatments thought Kishan had a kind and caring face. Only the spirits know if the outlook for Marley would have been different had we found Kishan sooner. One can only do the best one can at the time and not reflect what could have been - thoughts like that only make one depressed and crazy. I have also had some rekki healing from Kishan to help me deal with the loss. I would strongly recommend him - he is a genuine healer who really cares about the animals and people he treats.


What An Amazing Man!

At the start of this week my dog had a limp and went lame in her front leg. My dog is terrified of vets and always has to be heavily sedated even for a check up. I just couldn’t bring myself to put her 

through all that but knew she needed help. I was very anxious but remembered I had saved Kishan’s details so contacted him. He arranged to do a distance healing on my dog first and then me. Straight away she could walk again (albeit with a limp) and 3 days later after the healing and giving my dog the recommeded homeopathic remedies I choose wanted and bought with guidance as Kishan has a plethora of knowledge on this subject matter. She is walking again and her limp has gone! I also feel deeply energised. I don’t care about naysayers or people needing to understand this, this is a miracle and has saved my dog and me from a week of unnecessary pain and trauma - and instead we’ve been peaceful! What a gift to have found the heart-centred, reassuring, kind and compassionate healer that is Kishan. I’m forever grateful and feel so happy knowing he is here for us should we ever need him.

Happy Dog ( Ligament Damage And Limp Gone)

We had Charlie, a Staffy/French Bulldog cross as a rescue puppy aged just 9 weeks. He'd been hand reared from 2 days old at Bridgend Dog's Trust.

Right from the first time he was allowed off the lead, he would charge about like a mad thing, sadly resulting in some significant damage to the ligaments in his left rear knee.

He was never able to go for long with out having to hop on his other back leg and when he wasn't doing that, it could still be seen that he was favouring his left leg.

Trips to the vet did little to help the situation, so we took him to meet Kishan.

After only one short session, Kishan has reversed the damage, and Charlie, after a few days integration hasn't limped or hopped since.

I shall be sure to be returning to Kishan should Charlie ever need his attentions again.

Miracle Man to my 10 cats

Kishan was recommended to me and I am so thankful for this. I mentioned to Kishan that I have two seriously sick cats and Kishan kindly came to my house to observe and treat them and some of my other cats. One cat, Arthur, who is FIV and has a weak immune system, had been on antibiotics and pain relief for over eighteen months due to a severe gum infection before Kishan helped him. I had even been advised a year ago to have Arthur put to sleep. Since Arthur has been treated by Kishan I have been able to discontinue both the antibiotics and the pain relief, Arthur's gum infection has at last healed, he is eating much better and is a much happier cat. The vet was both thrilled and amazed at the incredible improvement. On top off that, another plus point, I have saved a lot of money using Alternative Medicine as the veterinarian medication was very expensive.  Another cat, Penrod, has chronic kidney disease. Thanks to Kishan Penrod has maintained his weight, is eating well, is active and has a good quality of life. Sadly, before I knew about Kishan, I had had to have a cat put to sleep because she too had kidney problems and there was nothing the vets could do. A third cat, Made, has had a very deep cough, this is sounding better thanks to Kishan. Kishan has also helped two other cats who were stressed at times as I have a multi-cat household.  I now have a happy cat family where everyone gets on.  Kishan has helped my cats emotionally and physically.  He really is a miracle worker. I am so indebted to him.  Kishan is such an amazing person. I now have the pleasure of healthy, happy cats instead of ones suffering so much.

A Saving Grace When The Vet Thought There Was No Hope

Really thankful for Kishan answering a plea on a homeopathic facebook group for one of our heifers who had a serious reaction to mould she had eaten. When the vet had seen her, she had said she will either live or die. I haven't been doing homeopathy long but I thought well I can't lose anything. That is when I posted asking for help. Kishan then gave me so much of his time via facebook messenger helping me to literally bring the poor heifer now named Rachel back to life. I have no doubt that had we not have done what we did, she would have died. So I am very grateful, and it has taught me more about the power of homeopathy and learning to see the signs of changes within animals.
Thank you Kishan

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