Judes Story


Horses Treated for Colic

Healing 8 Horses successfully with Colic 

with Reiki Healing.

Buddy Story of Social Anxiety

Prince, Dachshund 4 years, Spinal Compression

Prince, Dachshund 4 years, Spinal Compression, Paralasis & Herniated Disc

Bonnie, 7 years old, COPD and Chronic Inflammatory Bowl

Bonnies is a female Biccon Frise dog aged 7 at the beginning of filming but now 9 years old, who suffered with Chronic IBD -Inflammatory Bowel Disorder).

This movie tells the story from the owners own words after trying Psychic Surgery for Bonnie.

Bandit, Staff Bull Terrier with Kidney Failure & Fits

Bandit is a 14 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, with Kidney Failure and fits treated with Reiki Healing , as you will hear from the Guardian how bandits life has improved dramatically via Distant Healing.

Lottie 12 years Cancer

Lottie was diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago, her wellbeing  has improved with Healing and Alternative treatments that the owners sought. Lottie was looking younger and had more and more energy daily.

Sadly Lottie passed away 2.3 years after her Vet advised to put her to sleep. and her quality of life was normal throughout this time.